Realme launched his Realme X in China. Last few months Realme launched many devices in India. Realme 3 pro, Realme 3, Realme C2 and know Realme going to launch the Realme X in India Soon. The Realme X is a massive upgrade of popular Realme 3 pro. If You are looking to buy the Realme X or have already got one. Check out 19 Best Realme X Tips and Tricks that you should Know.

The Realme X is filled with some exciting and useful features which mean there’s a lot of things to explore. Even if you are a long time Color OS Devices user, you will still find some new features, tips and Tricks for the Realme X in our list below.

Best Realme X 20 Hidden Tips and Tricks

1. Customize Navigation Keys

The on-screen navigation keys on the Realme X offers limited customization. While one cannot add a custom button to it, at least the position of the buttons can be swapped. Head over to Settings -> Smart & Convenient -> Navigation Keys and select your preferred layout.

2.Tune Smart Assistant In Realme X

On the leftmost pane of the Home-screen on the Realme X, you will find Smart Assistant that aggregates stuff you use often on your phone.
You can add apps that you use frequently and contacts you call often to Smart Assistant and position these cards closer to the top. It’s simpler and convenient than searching for apps when you need them.

3.Show Network Speed

Want to keep an eye on the network speed right from the status bar? You can enable the Show Real-Time Network Speed option from Settings -> Notification & Status Bar to show the network speed right in the status bar.

4.Auto Answer Calls

You can quickly answer a call on your Realme X by simply bringing the device near to your ear when an incoming call comes in. The handy feature is disabled by default so you will have to enable it from Settings -> Smart & Convenient -> Gesture & Motion -> Smart Call and enable the Auto Answer When Near the Ear option.

5. Customize quick settings In Realme X

There is a lot of clutter in the quick settings panel of Realme X. While accessible quick-setting tiles of features you use are a good thing, you will be better off removing whatever you don’t use frequently.
To do so, drag down quick-settings and tap the icon next to the Settings wheel. Now drag tiles that you don’t use often to the bottom section.

6.App Lock

Want to prevent prying eyes from accessing some important apps on your Realme X ColorOS comes with a native app locking functionality which you can use to lock important applications and then unlock them conveniently using the fingerprint scanner or face unlock. You can set up App Lock on your Realme X from Settings -> Security -> App Lock.

7. Flashlight Gesture

Want to quickly turn on the flashlight on your Realme phone? Simply draw a ‘V’ on the display when it is turned off. Make sure to enable this screen-off gesture from under Settings -> Smart & Convenient -> Gesture & Motion -> Screen-off Gestures first.

8. Split screen and use two apps on Realme X

To split the screen in two, just swipe Up (not down) with three fingers. You can now choose another app that you wish to open in the bottom half simultaneously.
To turn on the option, go to Settings>> Split screen.

9.Navigation Gestures

If you are not a fan of navigation keys, you can switch to navigation gestures on your Realme 3. It will let you enjoy the display on your Realme device to the fullest as well. To switch to gesture navigation on your Realme phone, head to Settings -> Smart & Convenient -> Navigation Keys and select the Swipe-up Gesture Navigation option.

10.Three-finger Screenshot

The process of pressing and holding down the Volume down button along with the power key to take a screenshot on an Android device is now old and cumbersome. Instead, most OEMs have now adopted a simple three-finger swipe down gesture. Realme also includes a similar gesture in ColorOS on the Realme 11. Just make sure to enable it from Settings -> Smart & Convenient -> Gesture & Motion -> 3-finger screenshot.

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12. Custom Screen-Off Gesture

If you liked the concept of screen-off gesture on your Realme phone, you can create your own custom gestures as well. You can use custom gestures to quickly launch your favourite apps. Head over to Settings -> Smart & Convenient -> Gesture & Motion -> Screen-off Gestures -> Add a Screen-off Gesture to start creating your custom gestures.

13. Private Safe

Want to keep some files secure and hidden from prying eyes on your Realme X Simply use the Private Safe feature tucked under Settings for this. You can set a different unlock password for this safe for additional security.

14. Screen Turns On For New Notifications

If you want to quickly glance at any new notification that comes on your Realme phone, you should set the display to turn itself on automatically for every new notification. That way, you can quickly glance at the notification without having to pick up your phone. Enable this option from Settings -> Notification & status bar and enable the Turn On Screen for Notifications option.

15. Enable Battery Percentage on Realme X

The 4000mAh battery on the handset is giving us a fairly decent mileage. By default, the graphical indicator is present to gauge remaining battery but I am sure a precise number should work better for most of us. To enable battery percentage on Realme X, just go to
Settings>>>Notification and Status bar>> Enable battery percentage.

16. Gesture navigation on Realme X

Like most other 19:9 or full-view phones today, Realme X has the option to replace navigation bar with gestures. The good thing is that color OS lets you choose between different arrangements of navigation gestures.
Go to Settings>> “Smart and Convenient”>> Navigation keys. Now choose ‘swipe up gestures’ and decide whatever pattern suits you best.

17. Split screen and use two apps on Realme X

To split the screen in two, just swipe Up (not down) with three fingers. You can now choose another app that you wish to open in the bottom half simultaneously.
To turn on the option, go to Settings>> Split screen.

18. Take long scrolling screenshot on Realme X

To take long screenshots on Realme X, just swipe down with three fingers (Settings>> smart & convenient>> gesture & motion) or press ‘Volume down + Power button’.
Next, tap the screenshot preview at the bottom. Now select the “Long screenshot option” and scroll the portion you wish to capture.

19. Enable USB OTG

The Realme X comes with USB OTG support which means you can connect external hard disks, pen drives, and other USB devices to it using an appropriate adapter. However, before you plug any device in, make sure to enable the OTG Connection option from Settings -> Additional Settings. The feature is turned off by default to save power. You can also turn it off once you are done using the USB OTG feature.

20. Clone Apps

The Realme X comes with dual-SIM capabilities. This means you might want to consider running two instances of the same app on the phone. In such a scenario, you can make use of the Clone apps feature in ColorOS on your Realme phone. As the name indicates, the feature creates a cloned copy of an app thereby allowing one to run two separate instances of it.

The feature is relatively simple to use as well and can be accessed from Settings -> Clone Apps. However, do note that the feature is only compatible with selected messaging apps.


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