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Oppo F9 Pro Review: Notch has thinned down however is it any better?

Chinese handset producer OPPO is among those credited with beginning the selfie rage in India. The exertion satisfied well and OPPO has since been invigorating its "F" and "A" selfie-cell phone arrangement every now...

Google Pixel 3 Vs Pixel 3 XL: What’s The Difference?

Google Pixel 3 Vs Pixel 3 XL: What's The Difference?The world’s most leaked smartphones are finally here. Consequently, we know almost everything about Google ’s new Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL but that...

Xiaomi released MIUI 10 Global Beta Rom, Is your device also in the list?

After this update, the user will also be able to take a single camera with selfie in portrait mode.Xiaomi had also announced Miui 10 with its flagship smartphone Mi8 at the Annual Product Event...